alright it been a while  and i think ive hold you guys up long  enough...

so with that let me  explain how you write any story you want 

The key component to this process is making links.

First, in the profile area, make a libaray section. In this section, you will put your story title and then a short description as to what the story is about. Then you  should link it to the actual story.

(You make a link like this: [[LINK]])

The story is written on the page. Each page is one chapter.

Before writing the actual chapter. name the page the name of your story and then abbreviate which chapter it is.

Then put the owner, or the story, as well as link the name back to the owners' profile.

After writing the chapter, you're going to make three different links.

One for the next chapter

One for the previouse chapter

And one for the beginning

But before all else, you should make a table of contents page linking to each chapter for every story.

And thats all there is to it. Really, for this, I leave you to your creativity... more rules and instruction will eventally be added when the need arises, but until then, just follow these simple rules...

1. No trolling. (See below for clarifications.)

2. Respect writers and artists, as well as their content. (e.g. not trolling)

3. Don't edit others' work until you get permission to do so.

~ zumokiworks


What constitutes trolling?

  • If you change someone's story or user page before or without asking, that is trolling.
  • If you do something which I think is trolling, I will put it on this list.