There are people in this world who hijack one's computer. This is an awful thing, and if this has ever happened to you, I'm sorry for you, but that's not what this story is about.

This story is about embarrassing things. This story is about when you post something for a stupid reason only to retract it later. This is about plagiarism.

Night Mind made a statement, and I posted it to this site. I don't know if this is okay or not, but it was extremely confusing.

I wish I had a better reason than "My computer spazzes out when trying to display Tumblr." but as you've probably guessed, that's literally the only reason I posted it here.

At one point, I thought of creating poetry out of it because it sounded funny, like I originally did on Ycneicifed Mialc Thgirypoc (Multiplicity). But that didn't work, because I didn't really have any ideas on what to do.

But then I realized, "What do I do when Zumokiworks makes a page he never uses?" And that's why I'm writing this here.

As for my thoughts Night Mind's statement on Midnight Marinara, I've pondered it for a good while, while I was trying to think of something to actually do with this page. But I don't think I'm informed enough to have an opinion on a statement by a channel I do not watch about a channel I do not watch, and why should I kid myself any more than I have to?

I guess that, in the end, my life isn't on the Internet any more than it needs to be. I've never made anyone too mad or got into any big fights. A little while ago, I was in a bad place, and I felt like I could do whatever and not get caught.

Now I remember that the world doesn't revolve around me, but I have a future and I should use it. So thank you for reading this, and have a great day.