hello, my name is curtis rhodes, i an the founder, no wait that's not right, not the founder, the creator of this wiki... i am also zumokiworks or katisu, which ever you prefer really, this is my first wiki and i hope to make the best of it. 

alright first to start lets split this wiki into 3 parts.

so far these are the things that this wiki consiste of, if any other idea's pop up i'll add it later, now let me exsplain the curent three sections...


  once again simple. you can write whatever story you want just make sure you lable it with the proper genre. although by anychase that you use a picture for a cover of an erotic story to not use any nudes or at least cencor it. nipples are okay but pussy and dick are out of the question.


were going to keep the art simple, you can do what ever kind of art you want i don't even care if it's hentai...thats all nothing more nothing less


alright for role-play lets just keep it simple alright, for as far as the rules go.

things are obviously need to start a role-play

  • a role-play starter- this is how one starts off a role-play, it's easy to make one, just write it as if you were starting a story... i mean serously if you can't write a story you really shouldn't be role-playing to begin with
  • role-play charatures or oc's - obviously you need a charature or a oc to rp in... make sure you make a bio for that charature ahead of time... because a lot of role-players request that you give a bio and picture
  • basiclly have fun but here's a simple few things you probably shouldn't do :
  • don't god mode- this is when your charature can do what ever, role-players don't really like that, it's unfair for them in a role-play
  • no over powered charature- an over powered charature is just as bad as god moding so you shouldn't do it
  • no auto actions- this is when you say what your charatures doing with out detail. example:

auto action:katisu sat down

no auto action: katisu sat down on the soft sofa motionless, as the soa gave comfort after a long day of work.

  • no one lining - a role-play becomes offly boring when you do only one simple line. try 2-3 at the least... if you find doing this diffcult please use details in you charatures every action no matter how simple

( im not saying that you can't do these things im just suggesting that you don't, and break these habbits.)


with all that said, have fun

~ zumokiworks335

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