Once, I was befuddled when people lamented the Creepypasta Wiki for its authoritarian policies. I was younger then, and I did not notice the gears which turned behind its face. I couldn't see the more questionable rules for what they were at that time, only knowing that they worked.

Then I realized that there were truly problems with how it functioned. At times, it could be somewhat harsh for those with unorthodox tastes. Also, I had a close shave when someone found my own story rather lacking in terms of character development. I can't blame them for that. It was.

I slowly realized that this new, somewhat less benevolent entity was functional, if not perfect. It was a meritocracy, after all, and the only person of any true value who distanced himself from that ran something far more reminiscent of an art gallery. It was filled with beautiful art, but there was zero user power because there didn't need to be.

I remembered all the terrible things I saw when users were given free reign: sites left half-functional messes, pages filled with horrible spam, entire sites laid to waste by the forces of darkness and gloom. While I agree that it could be better, I think it's functional.

The creator of this wiki is an idealist. He believes that his way is the way everyone else should agree on, and that seems to be the running theme. I am beginning, in fact, to wonder what will happen if more people come to this site. Perhaps there shall be an influx of trolls far more terrible than I, or people who wish to peddle their half-cooked wares. Will his wish for a controlled atmosphere be something only reflected in the Starter page?

I am unsure. What I do know is that I shall help him in the only way I know how. I shall write my feelings down and change the pages he has made.